Climate Change

Education for a Sustainable Future Benchmarks

Benchmarks for Individual and Social Learning were released by The Journal of Sustainability Education and The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. This 70 page account is authored by, and represents the current and best thinking of, forty-two scholars and practitioners of the field of Education for Sustainability (EfS). The Benchmarks include the Big Ideas, Thinking Skills, Applied Knowledge, Dispositions, Actions, and Community Connections that define Education for Sustainability.

From the Journal for Sustainability Education Website:

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Food Miles

Where does our food come from and how far does it travel to get to our plates?

EE Link

Links to lesson plans and activities through the North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE). Lessons available for grades PreK-12 on a wide variety of subjects ranging from energy to biodiversity

Energy Education Kit - EEK!

The EEK! curriculum teaches students about energy with hands-on, science-based, interdisciplinary lessons. Designed for students from Kindergarden to eighth grade with support materials are available online. These lesson plans encourage students to make informed choices about energy consumption. Theoretical concepts relating to energy production are woven into the materials.

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