Sustainability Compass Smartphone App

Developing critical thinking skills in students about sustainability

Food Miles

Where does our food come from and how far does it travel to get to our plates?

Energy Education and Workforce Development

This site includes lesson plans, labs, projects and other activities on energy-related activities to help you enhance your required curriculum by teaching your students the importance of green energy.

EE Link

Links to lesson plans and activities through the North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE). Lessons available for grades PreK-12 on a wide variety of subjects ranging from energy to biodiversity

Energy Education Kit - EEK!

The EEK! curriculum teaches students about energy with hands-on, science-based, interdisciplinary lessons. Designed for students from Kindergarden to eighth grade with support materials are available online. These lesson plans encourage students to make informed choices about energy consumption. Theoretical concepts relating to energy production are woven into the materials.

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